Homestead Ministries Donates 200 lbs. of Beans.

Tom Riedner and Greg Nolan of Homestead Ministries came to Washington State University to donate 200 pounds of bean soup. WSU Students and Homestead Volunteers packed, stamped, and sealed all of the lentils to take with them to Guatemala.


Homestead Ministries created a label specifically for this trip with ingredients and a cooking procedure that is translated into Spanish. WSU Students will take these bags and distribute them to families in the medical clinics and villages they will be visiting. One bag will feed up to six people.

Homestead Ministries is non-denominational Christian faith-based organization that purchases “off-grade” beans at a reduced cost because they cannot be sold in commercial markets. While still holding the same nutritional value, these off-colored beans are usually used for livestock and manufacturing other domestic feeds. Founders Tom and Greg now have the ability to donate these beans to soup kitchens and mission trips such as Hearts In Motion.


200 bags are packed and ready to take flight!


On behalf of Washington State University and the Hearts In Motion program, thank you for your donation Homestead Ministries.




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